» » Daughter Fucks Older Dad (07.01.2019)

Daughter Fucks Older Dad (07.01.2019)

Daughter Fucks Older Dad  (07.01.2019)

I found out my daughter has been using Craig’s List to hook up with older men for sex and gifts. She is driving me crazy! I book a nice hotel suite and answer her ad. She shows up and is more than shocked to see me. I confront her and she tells me she only ever wanted me to notice her. She knows I’ve been fucking her friends too! I can’t help but notice how gorgeous she is. She drops to her knees and touches my cock and I can’t say no. She sucks on me and makes me feel better than I have ever felt before. I take her into the bedroom and she rides my cock until she cums all over it. I fuck her fast and hard until she begs me to cum all over her ass! I love my slutty daughter!!!

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8 January 2019