» » Perfect Mother Stela (15.12.2018)

Perfect Mother Stela (15.12.2018)

Perfect Mother Stela (15.12.2018)

40 years of age MILF realtor – Currently single and has been for 7 years – Figured being 40 and still hot she is ready for sex – Loves to be outside and ride bikes – She does spin class and works out to keep her tight figure – Way more sexual now in her 40’s then in her younger days – She usually starts her day off either having sex or masturbating – Loves the younger cock but open to all ages of men – Her favorite thing to do to a man sexually is suck cock deep throat – Her sexual position is riding the cock because she can control her body – She is into anal sex, came prepared to have her ass fucked – This petite MILF was super flexible, she even did the splits – Definitely a fun MILF to fuck, with a fit spinner type body – Took a nice facial at the end of this video

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15 December 2018
Category: Mother and son