» » Nikki - Rescued by Mommy (13.02.2019)

Nikki - Rescued by Mommy (13.02.2019)

Nikki - Rescued by Mommy (13.02.2019)

Later that morning and I can’t keep my hands off of her. “Do you know what horny means?” She asks me with a dirty smile. Opening up her robe she reaches down and begins to stroke me again. I didn’t even think I could get hard again so soon but I can’t stop myself. Mom drops her robe and bends over the counter begging me to fuck her. “You’re such a good boy” She screams between moans. She cums on my cock, her body shaking in orgasm. “I’m going to milk you so hard” She whispers to me. “You’re going to give mommy a facial” At the edge of cumming she drops to her knees and waits expectedly for my big load of cum all over her loving face. She blows me a kiss from her cum covered lips.

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13 February 2019
Category: Mother and son